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Sample Questions

Q) It sets up a VPN Community network, so that the internal network can access the network of your partner, and vice versa. Your security policy encrypts only HTTP and FTP traffic through a VPN tunnel. All traffic between internal and partner networks is sent in the clear. How you configure the VPN Community?

a) Disable “accept all encrypted traffic,” and put FTP and HTTP services Excluding object Communities. Add a rule in the security policy for FTP and HTTP, with the Community which in the VPN industry.

b) Disable “accept all encrypted traffic” in the Community, and adding FTP and HTTP services to security policy with that of the Community object in the VPN industry.

c) Activate “accept all encrypted traffic,” but put FTP and HTTP services excluded in the Community. Add a rule in the security policy, with FTP and HTTP services, and the Community which in the VPN industry.

d) Put FTP and HTTP services Excluding object Communities. Then add a rule in the security policy to allow any such service, with the Community which in the VPN industry.

Q) How does a standby SmartCenter Server receives logs from all Security Gateway, when an active SmartCenter Server failover?

a) The remote gateway must set SIC with the secondary SmartCenter Server, for recording.

b) Establish internal Secure Communications (SIC) between the primary and secondary servers.The secondary server may then receive the gateway log, when the active server failover.

c) In the Server Log screen (from the tree logs and Masters on the overall screen of the gateway object properties), add the child object SmartCenter Server as additional log server. Reinstall c) the security policy.

d) Create a Check Point Host object to represent the wait SmartCenter Server. Then select “Secondary SmartCenter Server” and Log Server, “from the Check Point product list on the general screen properties.

e) The host name of the secondary server and the IP address must be added to the master file, the remote gateway.

Q) It only takes RAS signals to pass through gatekeeper H.323 and other H.323 protocols, passing directly between endpoints. That the routing mode in VoIP Gatekeeper domain do you choose?

a) Direct

b) Installation directly and warn

c) Call Setup

d) Call Setup and Call Control

Q) As part functions as the internal certification authority to VPN-1 NGX?

a) VPN-1 Certificate Manager

b) SmartCenterServer

c) SmartLSM

d) Policy Server

e)Security Gateway

Q) You are configuring the VoIP domain object of an environment (CSPC) Skinny Client Control Protocol protected by VPN-1 NGX. What kind of VoIP Domain object you can use?

a) CallManager

b) Gatekeeper

c) door delegation

d) Router transmission

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