[100% off] AWS SAA-C01 Solution Architect Associate Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Can a user get a notification of each instance start I terminate configured with Auto Scaling?

a) Yes, if configured with the Launch Configuration?

b) Yes, always

c) Yes, if configured with the Auto Scaling group

d) No

Q) Does Dynamo DB support in-place atomic updates?

a) Yes

b) No

c) It does support in-place non-atomic updates

d) It is not defined

Q) You need to import several hundred megabytes of data from a local Oracle database to an Amazon RDS DR instance. What does AWS recommend you use to accomplish this?

a) Oracle export/import utilities

b) Oracle SQL Developer

c) Oracle Data Pump


Q) A user has created an EBS volume with 1000 IOPS. What is the average IOPS that the user will get for most of the year as per EC2 SLA if the instance is attached to the EBS optimized instance?

a) 950

b) 990

c) 1000

d) 900

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