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Sample Questions:

A business continuity plan is an example of which of the following?

corrective control

Detective control

preventive control

Control Compensation


Which of the following statements related to disaster recovery is correct?

the main task of a recovery team is to get the critical pre-defined business functions at the site of alternative backup process.

The job of a rescue team is to ensure that the primary site returns to normal processing conditions.

The disaster recovery plan should include how the company will come back from the alternate site to the primary site.

When you return to the main site, the most critical applications should be brought back before.


For which areas of the enterprise have business continuity plans required?

All areas of the enterprise

The financial process areas, and enterprise’s information

The operational areas of the company.

The marketing, finance areas, and processing information


Which of the following will be a business impact analysis identifies himself?

Areas that would suffer the greatest financial or operational loss in the event of a disaster.

critical systems for business survival.

The names of persons to contact during a disaster.

The downtime that can be tolerated by the company following a disaster.


What is a hot-site facility?

A site with computers per-installed, suspended floors, air conditioning, telecommunications and network equipment, and UPS.

A site where space is restricted with per-installed wiring and raised floors

A site with raised floors, air conditioning, telecommunications and network equipment, and UPS.

A site with work space packed with telecommunications equipment, LAN, PC and work group terminals.


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