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Sample Questions

Q) A network engineer needs to upgrade both units of a pair High Availability (HA). In what order should update the network engineer devices?

a) Disable high availability and node an update at a time.

b) Update the primary node before without deactivating high availability.

c) Update the secondary node before without deactivating high availability.

d) Upgrade simultaneously without disabling high availability.

Q) Scenario: A technician operates a network environment that has two running NetScaler NetScaler devices such as a high torque availability. The engineer must update the current version of the NetScaler NetScaler 9 10. What action should take the engineer?

a) Update the primary node and perform HA synchronization.

b) Update the secondary node and then update the primary node.

c) Update the primary node, and then update the secondary node

d) Break the high torque availability, update each NetScaler device, and then reconfigure the high availability.

Q) An engineer has two NetScaler devices in two different data centers and wants to create a couple with two high-availability devices (HA), although they are in two different subnets. As the engineer can configure the HA Pair NetScaler between the two devices?

a) Configuration Stay Secondary on the second unit data center.

b) Make sure that the INC mode is enabled when creating the HA peers.

c) Enable HA Monitors on all interfaces after the HA pair is created.

d) Change the NSIP of the second unit to be on the same subnet of the first fixture.

Q) When a network engineer logs on a new NetScaler device in the London data center, the data output indicates that the device is not configured to the local time. How can the network engineer to synchronize the correct time with an NTP server in the local data center?

a) Configure the exact time from the GUI and restart.

b) Edit the ntp.conf file and rc.netscaler and restart.

c) Login using credentials nsrecover / nsroot and restart.

d) Configure NetScaler as a secondary NTP server and restart.

Q) Scenario: The NetScaler has links with a large number of VPN. The network engineer wants to minimize the number of ARP requests. What feature should enable the network engineer to minimize ARP requests?

a) TCP buffering

b) Use Source IP

c) board configuration

d) MAC based forwarding

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