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[100% off] Citrix 1Y0-A09 Implementing XenServer Enterprise Exam


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Course Instructor: Soft Support Technology

Language: English


Sample Questions:

In what two ways an administrator can restore XenServer metadata from a backup?

By using the properties panel memory inXenCenter

Implementing the new inXenCenter driven storage

Selecting the Virtual Machine Metadata Restore menu item in theXenServer Console

Entering thexe-restore-metadaga XenSever command in console

What two steps do not need an administrator to complete in order to detach a storage repository (SR) without losing data?

Stopping any virtual machines that use the SR

Click Forget Storage Repository in the context menu Resources pane

Click Detach Storage Repository in the storage menu

Disconnecting from the network all the virtual machines that use the SR

An administrator has created a template with a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system Once you have created the model that the director realized that Microsoft SQL is not installed on the virtual machine that was supposed to be the SQL server for the company. What should the administrator do to get to the Microsoft SQL VM template?

Install Microsoft SQL on a new virtual machine template using an ISO image

Create a new model with a Windows 2003 operating system and Microsoft SQL

Install Microsoft SQL to existing VM template using a Microsoft SQL CD

Create a new model using the Microsoft SQL model and the Microsoft SQL CD


As a best practice, before groped to add a server to a pool, an administrator should ______.

Enable high availability server

Create a new storage repository for virtual machines hosted on the server

Create a copy of the server

Back up the virtual machines hosted on the server


In what two ways can an administrator backup the metadata XenServer?

Implementing the new in XenCenter driven storage

By using the properties panel memory in XenCenter

Entering the xe-backup-metadata command in the XenServer console

Selecting the Virtual Machine Backup menu item metadata in the XenServer Console

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