[100% off] CompTIA BR0-003 A + Bridge Certified Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following devices to connect two segments of the same local area network (LAN), but store traffic separately on the two segments?

a) Modem

b) hub

c) switch

d) Bridge

e) None

Q) You are responsible for the technical support of the company. An employee complains that they can not open the file. When you see the file in Windows Explorer, please note that the color green. What is their problem?

a) The file has been corrupted.

b) The file was encrypted by another user.

c) File from an earlier version of Windows,

d) A file created by another application

e) None

Q) Under what environmental conditions, the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in the upper part? multiple-choice

a) High humidity

b) Low temperature

c) Heat

d) low humidity

e) None

Q) What are the contacts in a parallel printer? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.

a) DB-9

b) Centronic

c) DB 25

DB 15

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