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Course Instructor: Top Hatrix Hub

Language: English


Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following statements are true about session hijacking? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

a) The use of a random number or a long string as the session key reduces session hijacking.

b) It ‘used to slow the processing of the victim’s network resources.

c) TCP session hijacking is when a hacker takes over a TCP session between two machines.

d) And ‘the exploitation of a valid computer session to gain unauthorized access to information or services in a computer system.

Q) Rick, an administrator of a TCP / IP network, wants to achieve the following objectives: to reduce the congestion of network traffic. l optimize the use of IP address space. Which of the following technologies can help him accomplish the task?

a) Pinging

b) Super netting

c) Routing

d) subnetting

Q) Voice over IP is an application that requires the efficient use of bandwidth and reliability. VoIP must not suffer delays that can be seen sometimes with Web sites and Web applications. What technology can be used to help ensure the efficient transport of VoIP traffic?

a) RTP

b) QoS

c) DNS


Q) Which of the following are examples of interactive communication? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

a) Videoconference

b) E-mail

c) Fax

d) Phone call

Q) Which of the following devices it is used to create VLANs on a small network?

a) Repeater

b) Switch

c) Center

d) bridge

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