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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following is not a limitation for partners access to internal corporate resources through an extranet?

a) Preventing change of restricted information

b) Use of limited programs, access to databases and other information resources

c) Provide access from anywhere

d) Deny access to any network resource, except those that are explicitly allowed

e) Viewing inventory levels for partner products

Q) What type of business continuity plan (BCP) test involves the practice of aspects of the BCP, almost without interruption, or as a result of which an alternative site on-line?

a) Structured passing game

b) checklist

c) modeling

d) complete break

e) parallel

Q) Which of the following equations result in the loss of one Expectancy for the asset?

a) The asset value x losses implemented exposures%

b) Asset value x% Realized loss from threats

c) The annual incidence / Total annual losses Expectancy

d) Asset value x% loss implemented vulnerabilities

e) The annual incidence’s expected loss

Q) Which of the following is a requirement for the integrity of the remote branch office / branch office (Robos)?

a) Confidential information must remain internal organization.

b) They shall be agreed between Robo sites and headquarters.

c) Users should be aware of the relevant security policies

d) Homemade solution should provide the level of protection required.

e) Data should be available to all remote offices.

Q) Operating-system fingerprinting uses all of the following EXCEPT ______ to identify the target operating system.

a) sequence Verifier

b) The initial sequence number

c) address spoofing

d) Time to live

e) IP-ID-field

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