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Course Instructor: Mibok makram

Language: English


The benefits of the IELTS test are not limited to those who want to go abroad. But if you want to explore better study and job opportunities  IELTS can help you. For students who are wishing to study abroad especially in Ireland, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Singapore and New Zealand, more often than not, an official IELTS score is one of the most important prerequisites. It provides proof of your language skills which is an important step in obtaining a visa to allow you to work abroad.

Many people are aware that getting the right IELTS score is one way to prove that you have the English language skills to enter a top university, but do you know that IELTS scores are often used for immigration and professional registration purposes by governments and professional bodies? So it’s important for many people to get the correct IELTS score for many different reasons. People know that to fulfill the work or study ambitions, we have to get a certain IELTS score and we have to job towards the target by preparing for the exam. But, do you have to consider any of the extra advantages of IELTS test of training even more for the IELTS Academic test to boost your results? Below are the for study, work, immigration, and other uses of IELTS testing too.

Test Of English A Foreign Language is a Standardized test that evaluates the English Proficiency of people whose native language is not English. Nearly 2400 education institutes in the United States and Canada require TOEFL® scores from each applicant. The test is also used by institutions in other countries where English is the language of Instruction. The TOEFL tests the ability to understand North American English.

Benefits :

Performing TOEFL test provides several benefits that help you to assists for your overseas education. Some of them are:

• Regardless to the place where you want to study, TOEFL test enables you to reach your desired destination. Depending on the test score will be eligible for getting admission in college or university in the world.

• There is much flexibility in performing a TOEFL test whenever you want to take. You will be offered practice tools and feedback, and more alternatives to study abroad than any other English-language test in the world

• TOEFL enables you various amenities such as, listening to lectures, view films, attend seminars, read textbooks, perform online research, speak with professors and other students, write academic papers, reports, e-mails and more.

Who this course is for:

  • All levels

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