[100% off] Learn VirtualBox Basic to Advance

Course Instructor: Zulqarnain Hayat

Language: English


if you are student ,developer, Database administrator  or tester and any IT professional  needs to use software that doesn’t work on your  computer then this is great choice to use VirtualBox . VBOX is virtualization package from Oracle that allows you to host multiple operating systems on a single physical machine. In this course your are going to  learn how to configure and use VirtualBox to create virtual machines on your computer also how to download and install the software, and shows how to install both Windows 10 and Linux in VirtualBox including much more

The following topics are includes

  • Installing the software

  • Allocating resources for guest systems

  • Installing Windows 10 and Linux in VirtualBox

  • Forwarding ports for services

  • Exploring the virtual machine window

  • Command-line options

  • Networking with VirtualBox

  • Modifying disks and memory

  • How to add shared disks in Vbox

Who this course is for:

  • Any Developer ,System Admin and Oracle Database administrator anyone who is working in IT department

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