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Course Instructor: Amr Shaaban

Language: English


This course introduces a comprehensive discussion for various mechanical design topics.
The course consists of two sections and 35 lectures.
The course is thought to be helpful for mechanical students and anyone who seek for a course that starts from beginner level.

The theoretical background is combined with practical implementation through various projects such as:
[Section1]: Design of Pipe vice, Design of Globe valve, Design of Shop press, Design of Floor and wall mounted cranes, Design of Couplings, and Design of centrifugal pumps.
[Section2]: Design of Clutch brake unit, Design of Conveyor system, Design of Internal gear drive, and Design of other gear units.

Through those projects, calculations of various mechanical components are introduced, such as:
Design of bolted connections, Design of power screws, Stress analysis on frames, Design of gears, Design of V-belts, Design of compression springs, Design of keys, and Shaft analysis.

As one of the targets of this course is to qualify the attendees to be professional users for mechanical software, some lectures contain a comparison between the hand calculations and the results generated from software to achieve a better understanding for how the design works in practical life.

Useful material is attached with each lecture for students to help them to cope with the recording.

Who this course is for:

  • All mechanical students
  • Mechanical engineers who use software

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