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[100% off] Oracle 1Z1-574 IT Architecture Essentials Practice Exam


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Sample Questions:

Which of the following statements are true?

When a DMZis used, all architecture components are deployed in the demilitarized zone.

secure Internet protocols such as HTTPS, enable the deployment of the full UI stack without the use of a firewall.

traditional applications “fat client” can be distributed via Internet browsers and mobile devices.

TIME UI architecture can be implemented in a cloud environment using virtual servers.

What are the two main approaches of visualization?

Display Server – creating multiple logical virtual machines on top of a single hardware platform

Server Consolidation – abstracting the complexities of the underlying pool of servers by creating logical machines aggregates

Management Server – server management interface using single-point management

Server Sprawl – leads to a disproportionate amount of physical server machines running at very low utilization rates

Which of the following are the main parts of an SOA service as defined by Oracle Reference Architecture?

Service Agreement

agreement to use

service Infrastructure

Implementation Service

Service interface

Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

How do risk profiling on the authentication service?

Risk profiling is a feature of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). It can be performed on any set of users, groups and / or roles. The risk profiling is an option available to IOM 11g. An administrator must install the license and configure the set of identities to profile.

Risk profiling is a standard feature of Oracle Access Manager (OAM). It is enabled by default, but only one profile configured to administrative identity. The administrator can configure additional identity OAM individually or by group, or enable profiling of all users.

risk profiling is a feature of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM), OAAM works in conjunction with the OAM to provide authentication value-added features. OAAM evaluate the anomalies based on configurable rules, behavior and risk analysis, and will be a challenge for users when HOURS identified risks.

Risk profiling is a feature of Oracle Advanced Security. This comprehensive suite provides authentication and authorization of odd value-including multi-factor authentication and authorization based on rules. OAS is a separately installed product that integrates with OAM, OIM, and Oracle’s rights Server (OES).

Risk profiling is a feature of Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD). It will assess risk based on access attempts, access devices, access points, and so on, and act based on configurable rules. Possible actions include denying access, terminate sessions, and raising alerts. Example rules are provided out of the box, and the rules can be added via the IVD administration console.

A modular approach has been taken to document the Oracle Reference Architecture (ORA). Select the statements that are true for this modular approach?

The ORA library has a dedicated document to each suite of Oracle products.

NOW is a set of reference architectures, some based on specific technologies (Technology Perspectives), and some vertical industries (Industry Perspectives).

ORA is an architecture single reference, but it is documented through different points of view of architects, some focused on specific technologies (Technology Perspectives), and some in vertical sectors (Industry Perspectives).

The number of Industry and Technology Perspectives prospects will increase over time. The prospects of the technology are complete, but the prospects industry will increase over time as more vertical are included.

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