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[100% off] Red Hat Linux : Practice Tests for Red hat Linux Certificate


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Course Instructor: Mibok makram

Language: English


Red Hat Linux System Administration

Red Hat Systems Administrators, who work on Linux operating systems, configure, implement, and deploy systems and take care of security issues, besides managing system backups and adding and removing users. They will be part of a team that handles daily tickets and devises and implements technology solutions.

They need to be good team players with excellent communication skills. Red Hat Systems Administrators also need to have an analytical bent of mind and competent problem-solving skills.

Some companies, however, need administrators to pass an agency background investigation before they start working for them.

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux power user who can be productive in using and customizing a Red Hat system for common command line processes and desktop productivity roles, and who is ready to learn system administration



A user who can use effectively employ Red Hat

Enterprise Linux to customize his or her operating

environment as well as accomplish common commandline

tasks and desktop productivity roles .

  • Understand the Linux file system

  • Perform common file maintenance

  • Use and customize the GNOME interface

  • Issue essential Linux commands from the command line

  • Perform common tasks using the GNOME GUI

  • Open, edit, and save text documents using the vi editor

  • File access permissions

  • Customize X Window System

  • Regular expression pattern matching and I/O redirection

  • Install, upgrade, delete and query packages on your system

  • Network utilities for the user

  • Power user utilities

    Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) on Redhat Enterprise Linux

    A consistent, intelligent operating foundation for modern IT and enterprise hybrid cloud deployments, Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers optimal benefits for your organization. Consistency across infrastructure allows you to deploy applications, workloads, and services using the same tools, regardless of location

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