[100% off] YAML Basics- Easy guide to understand, create & consume YAML

Course Instructor: Karthikeyan Dharmaraj

Language: English


This course covers the basics of YAML, understanding it , configuring it and consuming it from Python.

This video is intended primarily for the beginners of YAML.

There are 10 different samples explaining the different features of YAML.

The course also includes the YAML files for trying out.

The course also includes an assignment for creating a YAML file from scratch for a real world scenario.

The course includes an Q and A session which enables to test the understanding of YAML contents explained in the course.

All the concepts are explained in a very detailed manner for the beginners to understand.

Sample Programs for consuming the YAML from Python are also provided

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Beginner
  • It professional
  • Professional
  • Software

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