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Sample Questions

Q) After installing the VPN-1 Pro NGQ R65, you will find that one port on the Intel Quad NIC on the security gateway is not removed request arrives topology. What is the most probable cause and solution?

a) NIC is faulty. Replace it and reinstall.

b) Make sure that the driver for your specific network adapter available, and reinstall. You will be asked for the driver.

c) If the interface is not specified, it is not recognized. Assign an IP subnet mask, and using a web interface,

d) set your NIC driver, but was not recognized. Apply the latest Secure Platform R65 Correction drive (HFA).

e) None

Q) Which of the following provides a unique user identifier for a digital certificate?

a) Username

b) User-message digest

c) E-mail user

d) user organization

e) None

Q) For object-oriented routing the VPN, to succeed, it needs to be adjusted?

a) One rule in the rule base should cover the movement in both directions, both incoming and outgoing at the central (HUB) Security Gateway.

b) No rules should not be created, the implied rules that cover inbound and outbound traffic on the center (HUB) gateway is already in place by policy> Options> Accept VPN-1 control connection.

c) At least two rules in the rule base must be established to cover the one traffic incoming and outgoing traffic to other to cover center (HUB) Security Gateway.

d) VPN routing is not set to the rule base objects or community. Only native routing mechanism at each gateway can route traffic through its VTI configured interfaces.

e) None

Q) With proprietary protocol Check Point is the base functionality Check Point Cluster XL inter-module communication?

a) RDP

b) IPSec

c) PDA



Q) In the allocation of the IPSec packets to gateways in the Load Sharing Multicast cluster mode, the method of the load distribution will consider VPN information?

a) load distribution based on SPI,

b) Load distribution port-based, VTI and IP-address

c) The distribution of load based on IP-addresses, ports and serial peripheral interface

d) The distribution of load based on IP-addresses, ports, and security parameters index

e) None

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