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[100% off] 1Y0-309 Citrix Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition Exam


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Course Instructor: Top Hatrix Hub

Language: English


Sample Questions

Q) What policy Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition would use the administrator to configure the tunnel split?

a) Traffic

b) Session

c) Authorization

d) Authentication

Q) That command an administrator should use when setting up the network configurations on a single device that will be used in a HA pair?

a) config t

b) config ag

c) ns config

d) BSD config

Q) What function or option must be configured when split tunneling is set to “ON”? A.Bookmark B.Intranet enforcement policy C.Authorization D.Authentication political Which feature or option must be configured when split tunneling is set to “ON”?

a) Bookmark

b) Intranet application

c) authorization policy

d) authentication policy

Q) Which mode of interception must use an administrator when configuring intranet applications to an environment in which the Java client will be used

a) VPN

b) delegation

c) reversal

d) Transparent

Q) Scenario: An administrator wants to ensure that every time the VPN users try to access corporate network resources and server by name, the name of these resources and servers to resolve the IP addresses of the corporate network. What are two ways The administrator can configure the settings to meet the needs of this environment? (Pick one.)

a) September split tunneling OFF

b) September split tunneling ON and DNS for Remote

c) Setting up an intranet application and split tunneling September OFF

d) Configure an IP address and intranet split tunneling September OFF

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