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Sample Question:

You have created a compensation plan and configured the plan details. However, when you try to run the Start Compensation Cycle process, you are not able to see the plan you created in the list that appears. Which three options could be possible reasons for this? (Choose three.)

Your user role does not have access to view the plan.

The compensation administrator or equivalent role is not attached to your plan.

Access to the compensation administrator role is restricted in Plan Access.

Restrict Plan access is set to NO; however, the roles that are allowed are not specified.

Restrict Plan access is set to and the compensation administrator role is added to the list of roles in Plan access from Compensation work area.

Which three statements are true regarding plan cycles? (Choose three.)

All active plans are available to be cross-referenced, even plans with no started cycles.

You can display a target amount or custom score from a previous plan cycle in the current plan cycle.

Active plans are available to be cross-referenced, except plans with no started cycles.

You cannot display a target amount or custom score from a previous plan cycle in the current plan cycle.

You can reference a plan within itself to display values from a previous plan cycle in a subsequent cycle.

A corporation needs to set up a compensation plan for a Housing allowance that will allow the company to grant these allowances to only employees above a particular role. Identify the option that indicates the correct way of implementing it. (Choose the best answer.)

Set up role-based security to the individual compensation work area so that only managers are allowed.

Set up access restrictions to the individual compensation plan using the correct HR action so that it can be added only to the specific roles. They payroll administrator must add the element to the employees in the specified roles, because this cannot be achieved through configuration.

Set up a salary basis and restrict the eligibility to the required roles.

A corporation has generated total compensation statements and all workers received their total compensation statements. As a compensation executive, you realize that some corrections are needed in the generated statements. Which corrective action will you take? (Choose the best answer.)

Educate the workers that corrections are not possible after the total compensation statements have been generated.

Ignore any corrective action.

Edit Statement Definition, make the required corrections, and regenerate the total compensation statements as a newer version.

Start manual changes in each worker’s total compensation statement.

As an implementation consultant, you have defined a total compensation statement. You have defined three compensation items (a new hire bonus, a profit sharing bonus, and a quarterly bonus), which are attached to the bonus category. You no longer need the quarterly bonus item but you are unable to delete it. Which statement is true for the given scenario? (Choose the best answer.)

The item cannot be deleted, because it is attached to a category.

The above scenario does not stand true as the item can be deleted.

More than one administrator might be using the item and, therefore, it cannot be deleted.

Before deleting the item, you must configure a zero value behavior for the item.

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