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Sample Questions:

Which two options would you use to restrict the functionality provided by a responsibility? (Choose two.)

creating an appropriate role

creating an appropriate group

constructing a new menu hierarchy

defining rules to exclude specific functions

Identify three modules that can be secured using the Operating Unit in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.)

Oracle Assets

Oracle Payables

Oracle Receivables

Oracle General Ledger

Oracle Cash Management

A global company uses Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 for its operations in the U.S. and Canada. The company is now adding Mexico to the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Applications. As a system administrator, you need to set the MO: Operating Unit profile option for Mexico. Customer is not using Multi-Org Access Control. You set the MO: Operating Unit profile option at the_____level.





Company X has three Operating Units: A, B, and C. Each Operating Unit has the MO: Security Access profile option called ABC Security assigned. Operating Unitahas froth the MO: Operating Unit profile option and the MO; Default Operating Unit profile option assigned to it. Which statement is true?

Paul can create transactions for the A, B, and C Operating Units.

All transactions created by Paul are automatically assigned to the Operating Unit A.

Paul can report on data across A, B, and C Operating Units, but enter transactions only against A.

The profile option did not include Operating Unit B and Operating Unit Cdueto anerror by the system administrator The Payables responsibility is linked to the Operating Unit A by the MO: Operating Unit profile option and can create transactions for that Operating Unit alone.

You are Involved In a project to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite, Release 12. You need more information about the upgrade processes and paths. Where would you find the upgrade guide for Oracle E-Business Suite?

Apps Net

Bug Database

Technical Forums

Meta Link Knowledge Base

Oracle Technology Network

Customer Knowledge Exchange

A Global Single Instance (GSI) provides the global enterprise with a single, complete data model. Identify three features In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 that support a GSI. (Choose three.)

maintenance of third-party applications

automation of standardized documents and audit processes

decentralization of operations by regions, divisions, or processes

consolidation of data centers and lowering administrative overhead

capture of statutory and customary local requirements in the same database

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