[100% off] 300-101 Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) An employee in your configure the connection PPPoE. You have been warned vulnerability testers using a sniffer, he was able to learn the connection credentials. What type of authentication, your employee set up a connection?

a) PAP .

b) 802.1x

c) BOY

d) IPsec

e) None

Q) Recently you had a serious problem with the router and contacted the TAC. They said the system core dump would be helpful to diagnose the problem. To configure the router to make a full copy of the memory image to the next time the router is experiencing kind of problems that can generate a dump. Which of the following is not supported in the dump?

a) TFTP .

b) rcp

c) flash drive


e) None

Q) What EIGRP packets sent to the broadcast time a new route is found and sent as a unicast topology table to synchronize when the neighbors start?


b) Hi

c) update

d) answer

e) None

Q) Which of the following IPv6 / IPv4 compatibility roads both versions of IP technology at the same time?


b) double stack

c) 6to4 tunnels

d) teredo

e) None

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