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Sample Questions:

What is true for the definition of installation status report?

The only supported protocol for notification Relationship status are HTTP and UDP.

If the report on the installation status can not be sent, the device should refuse to install the MIDlet suite.

In response to a report on the state of installation, the server should respond with a 200 OK. HTTP response recognition.

A MIDlet Suite can not be removed until the installation notification was sent successfully and the acknowledgment has been received.


Which two are true about MIDlet suite provisioning? (Pick one.)

A JTWI compatible device must support HTTP 1.1.

A JTWI compatible device must support HTTP 1.0.

A JTWI compatible device must support HTTP authentication

A JTWI-compliant device must support HTTP 1.1 and cookies.

Which two are true about errors and exceptions in a CLDC-compatible virtual machine? (Pick one.)

Developers are not allowed to handle errors.

Developers need only throw checked exceptions (non-runtime).

A virtual machine CLDC-compliant NOT to launch a Virtual Machine Error.

Developers do not receive asynchronous exceptions from a virtual machine CLDC-compliant.

Instead of throwing the Error class specified by the Java Language Specification, the CLDC-compliant virtual machine can throw a superclass CLDC supported.

Which four are absent from the CLDC virtual machine? (Choose four.)


class file verification

custom class loaders asynchronous exceptions

Method Object.Finalize ()

That goes for the garbage collector?

It needs to be managed by the developer.

It manages all deallocation

effectively prevents memory leaks.

It always uses the mark and sweep algorithm


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