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[100% off] 5 Key Secrets To Awaken Your Intuition – An Unpacked Gift


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Course Instructor: Pradeep Aggarwal

Language: English


“5 KEY SECRETS TO AWAKEN YOUR INTUITION – AN UNPACKED GIFT GIVEN BY THE UNIVERSE” is a course the helps to Awaken the hidden intuition powers and help you how to use them.

In this course you will learn what are the 5 simple secrets the you should know to awaken your hidden intuitive power to develop your personal development.

This Course Also Guides You How To Relax, which will help you enhance your intuitive powers.

Lecture 1: What Is Intuition & How To Awaken It?

Lecture 2: What Are the 5 Simple Steps To Unfold The Intuitive Powers?

Lecture 3: What is the first and the most important key step?

Lecture 4: How we loose our intuitive powers?

Lecture 5: What is the main power to trigger the intuitive power?

Lecture 6: What is Final Step?

Lecture 7: Exercises To Awaken The Intuitive Power?

Lecture 8: Summary Of The Course.

Now that you have understood the 5 key secrets to awaken your intuition lets quickly see what are the major blocks which stops us from progressing our intuitive powers.

By the end of the course you have understood the 5 key secrets and what are the major blocks which stops us from progressing and also you have learnt what is the major and most important thing before you start practicing the exercises.

Who this course is for:

  • All the students who are interested in personal development

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