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Sample Questions

Q) What is a benefit of web services?

a) 30+ operations or supported methods

b) Few objects or entities supported


d) based on HTML

Q) When would not use APEX? Select 2

a) Adding visuals to Ul (Visual Force)

b) Add Business Logic that only applies when accessing data through the Ul

c) The integration of a third party system that does not support web services

d) Add features to an s-control or Composite to process one record at a time

Q) What permission do you need to run the debug log system?

a) Sys tern debug log

b) User Management

c) Modify all the data

d) Show all data

Q) What are the symptoms of a sharing model that is too public? Choose two answers.

a) dirty data

b) A lot of duplicate records

c) The data was stolen

d) There are a large number of rules in the organization share.

Q) When you should use APEX to solve a business problem? Choose two answers.

a) When you apply the business logic for a web event

b) When applying business logic to a data event

c) While processing a record at a time

d) While processing multiple records at a time

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