[100% off] Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam

Course Instructor: Benjamin Rios

Language: English


I suggest you take these tests as part of your training, on your way to get ready to take the AWS cloud practitioner certification.

You will get 3 practice tests, so you have an idea of your level of knowledge on Amazon AWS certified cloud practitioner.

You will get 195 general questions on AWS certified cloud practitioner, here you can find three tests, each test has 65 questions.

These tests are not official, but can help you to get familiar with questions that you will find on the official test.

I will keep uploading practice tests each time Amazon AWS makes an update.

Each test has four possible questions and if you make a mistake you will find an explanation on the right answer.

Each test lasts 90 minutes and you will get 65 questions for each test.

These questions are related to all areas on Amazon AWS cloud practitioner.

I suggest you just take these tests as part of your training, that means that you need to take extra training, such as reviewing Amazon AWS studying materials.

These tests are based on Amazon AWS training course, but here you can find more extra questions that will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge, and learn from these questions.

Who this course is for:

  • This tests are for students who have knowledge and skills of the AWS Cloud and can explain their overall understanding.

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