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Sample Questions

Q) Your team is using applications that are hosted in 2 different regions in AWS. There are EC2 Instances that are performing a replication processes between the applications across regions via their respective Elastic IPAES. It is noticed that the current MTU Is 1500 and there is a need to increase the throughput for the replication traffic. How can this be achieved?

a) Create a VPN tunnel between the 2 VPCs and Increase the MTU on the instances

b) Increase the MTU on the Instances

c) Install the Enhanced Networking modules on the instances

d) This Is not possible

Q) Your company has an EC2 Instance hosted in AWS. This EC2 Instance hosts an application. Currently this application Is experiencing a number of Issues. You need to inspect the network packets to see what the ty of error that Is occurring? Which one of the below steps can help address this issue?

a) Use VPC Flow Logs.

b) Use a network mentioning tool provided by an AWS partner.

c) Use another instance. Setup a port to promiscuous mode‟ and sniff the traffic to analyze the packets

d) Use Cloud watch metric

Q) An organization is planning to setup a management network on the AWS VPC. The organization is trying to secure the web server on a single VPC instance such that it allows the internet traffic as well as the back-end management traffic. The organization wants to make so that the back-end management network interface can receive the SSH traffic only from a selected IP range, while the internet facing web server will have an IP address which can receive traffic from all the internet IPs. How can the organization achieve this by running web server on a single Instance?

a) It is not possible to have 2 IP addresses for a single instance

b) The organization should create 2 network Interfaces, one for the internet traffic and the other for the backend traffic

c) The organization should create 2 EC2 instances as this is not possible with one EC2 instance

d) This Is not possible

Q) Your company has the following Direct Connect and VPN Connections Site A – VPN AS 65000 65000 Site B – VPN AS 65000 Site C – Direct Connect AS 65000 Site D – Direct Connect AS 65000 SI Which site will AWS choose to reach your network? SI Please select:

a) Site A

b) Site B

c) Site C

d) Site D

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