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Sample Questions:

Amanda is evaluating the effects of video modeling skills to play. His participants are often reactivity when they are detected. The best design to evaluate the video modeling is:


Several probe.

changing the criterion.

alternate treatments.


Robert has been moved, because he is losing significant amounts of weight loss due to refusal of most foods. What should the behavior of the analyst to look at first?

possible diseases

meal content / structure of the food

preferred caloric content of foods

ecological variables mealtimes


Caregiver says, “Touch your nose.” Child closely contacts the nose. Child’s response is an example (s):

tact Response


listener Response

intraverbal Response


Employers are not gathered in a group home manager’s expectations to work on time arrival. intervention implemented antagonistic to this question, which makes it possible for every employee, which will arrive on time for all the schedule changes in a given week to get an extended lunch break on Fridays. What kind of intervention was implemented?

contingency plan agreement

Hanging a group of unforeseen

An independent group of unforeseen

Interdependent group contingency


By definition, a data recording system is valid if it:

consistently measure the behavior.

has shown social competence.

there is a large inter observer agreement.

measures what it should be.


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