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Sample Questions

Q) Barney import a WSDL file in a library LotusScript script, which generates the code to call the Web service methods defined in the WSDL file. Where can I use this script library? a)Only in agents

b) Only in running agents on the server

c) Only agents and or display module actions

d) Anywhere that you can use LotusScript

Q) Marge wants to monitor user preference information as users browse through your content, but do not want to require users to authenticate themselves when accessing the site. Which of the following would you use to keep track of user information?

a) Cookies

b) servlet

c) user profile documents

d) Users must authenticate

Q) Winnie is to improve the interface of the phone Corporate Address Book Web application. Ted, the graphic designer who is providing Winnie with images for your question Domino, suggested that you use a set of image resources. What is a feature that can incorporate Winnie using a set of image resources?

a) A vertical image set can be used to incorporate effects using the onmouseover, onmouseout, and onclick event of an image on a XPages.

b) A set of vertical images can be used to incorporate the effects using the normal, mouse-over, select and mouse-down states of the image of an image of a Domino Web page.

c) A horizontal set can be used to add effects when a user hovers the mouse over an image. For example, the normal image may be replaced with a larger image when mouse hovers over it

d) A horizontal set can be used to add effects when a user hovers the mouse over an image. For example, the normal image can be replaced with an image with different color when mouse hovers over it

Q) What is the purpose of using XSLT in a Lotus Domino Web?

a) To define what DXL should be available for export.

b) To allow a Web service to interact with a Java agent.

c) To display a view as HTML without using a Java applet.

d) To transform XML documents into HTML or another XML document.

Q) To approve an expense report, Quy goes to a controlled-access section and marks the Status field to “Approved”. State is a qualified signature field. When the signature is attacked? a) Immediately

b) When the document is saved

c) When the document is sent

d) When the document is encrypted

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