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Sample Questions:

Cloud computing is best described as which of the following?

distributed load balanced servers

Supply of software as a service

Large-scale distributed computing

virtualized servers deployed


Which of the following best solutions makes the integration of storage?


Cloud computing


Raid 5


ESA stands for Enterprise Security Architecture. What is the purpose of the ESA?

To provide a framework for web application security

To provide a framework for assessing vulnerabilities

To apply the concepts of financial security for network security.

To apply network architecture network security paradigms.


Juan is responsible for the IT security of an insurance company. He has several cuts that are being retired. Which of the following is not one of the steps in the dismantling of equipment?


To communicate


Follow through


Maria is responsible for getting rid of old hard drives that are no longer used. It ‘important that all data will be removed from the disk and no recoverable, but the unit still be usable. Which of the following steps you should take before disposing of records?

Degauss the unit

Erase all data and de fragment the drive.

Erase all data and de fragment the drive.

Use a utility like Linux DD to overwrite all the units with zero bits


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