[100% off] CAPM Associate in Project Management Review Part-2

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Sample Questions

Q) Plan Domain Management is a subsidiary of which the draft document?

a) The schedule management plan

b) Project Management Plan

c) The quality management plan

d) Resource Management Plan

e) None

Q) What is an example of the Procurement Administration?

a) contract negotiations

b) Contractor resolution work

c) Development of works

d) Establishing evaluation criteria

e) None

Q) Recording OTP register process:

a) Project Charter.

b) register interested parties.

c) Draft Statement of reach.

d) traceability requirements matrix.

e) None

Q) Log application management process is:

a) Schedule resources.

b) The list of activities.

c) Risk Management Plan

d) Organizational process assets.

e) None

Q) Scope Verification process is primarily associated with:

a) formalizing acceptance of completed project results.

b) the accuracy of the available work.

c) formalizing the approval of TK.

d) the accuracy of the work breakdown structure (WBS).

e) None

Q) What is the total float is the critical path?

a) Perhaps a number of

b) Zero or positive

c) Zero or negative

d) It depends on the calendar

e) None

Q) Portfolio management is the management of:

a) project by dividing the project into subprojects more manageable.

b) project using portfolio management skills such as planning, organizing, staffing, execution and control.

c) all projects undertaken by the company.

d) a collection of projects, which are grouped together to facilitate effective management and the achievement of strategic business objectives.

e) None

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