[100% off] CAPM Associate Project Management Review Part-1

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Sample Questions

Q) What document defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled, and closed?

a) The strategic plan

b) project Charter

c) Project Management Plan

d) Service Level Agreement

d) None

Q) What changes are occurring in risk and uncertainty and the cost of changes typical of the implementation of the project life cycle?

a) Risk and increasing uncertainty; changes in the cost increases.

b) Risk and increasing uncertainty; changes reduced cost.

c) Reducing risk and uncertainty; changes in the cost increases.

d) Reducing risk and uncertainty; It reduces the cost of change

e) None

Q) What tool or method used by management in the framework of the plan?

a) analysis of documents

b) Comments

c) food analysis

d) expert opinions

e) None

Q) What tools or techniques of container industry and specific expertise of suppliers?

a) independent evaluations

b) Market research

c) Technical analysis

d) Bidder conferences

e) None

Q) Entrance, which is used in the development of communications management plan is:

a) model of communication.

b) environmental factors of the company.

c) organizational communication.

d) culture and organizational styles.

e) None

Q) Performing quality assurance process occurs in which a group of processes?

a) execution

b) Monitoring and control

c) initiate

d) planning

e) None

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