[100% off] Career development planning from A to Z

Course Instructor: Unicorn Career Lab

Language: English


Personal development and career planning – theory and practice you need to excel your career goals.

Development plans step by step. Proven best market frameworks.

We will start with WHY to define starting point of the journey:

  • Schein’s anchors show what matters for us in every situation;

  • 4 types of activities in DISC model bring transparency on who we are and our behavior;

  • MBTI typology gives you understanding of preferences and what to do with them.

We will continue with WHAT to do to develop career directions:

  • Career ladder understanding provides clear rules to level up;

  • Potential concept reveals crucial development parts that every employer wants to see in the candidate;

  • Learning agility formalizes four aspects of successful performance under new situations;

  • Competencies as a development language simplify your navigation.

Then we will dive into HOW to create your personal development plan that fit your career aspirations:

  • It is based on market proven practice 70-20-10 for corporate learning and development;

  • GROW model helps you with goal setting and problem solving.

Then we will finalize with WHEN AND WHERE to maximize your continuous improvement:

  • Visibility concept gives you clear coordinates of do’s and don’ts in your career;

  • Stakeholders management strengthens your collaboration;

  • Peer assist will help to find support and necessary ideas;

  • SMART and progress check will eliminate inefficiencies.

Are you ready to challenge the status quo for personal development and career planning?

Who this course is for:

  • People who seek their values and motives to fulfil daily routine with meaning
  • People who want to exceed expectations in personal development and career
  • People who are curious on how to grow in big companies (FMCG, Consulting, Banking, IT)
  • People who strive to create med and long-term development plans
  • People who want to know best practices and apply them in daily routine
  • People who are tired of endless motivational videos and successful sucess
  • People who take responsibility for final result

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