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Sample Questions

Q) Weakness or lack of security measures, which can be used with the threat of damaging information systems and networks, known as:

a) vulnerability.

b) risk.

c) a threat.

d) overflow.

e) None

Q) What is the probability of threat to an information system will be carried out?

a) a threat

b) risk

c) vulnerability

d) Hole

e) None

Q) Risk reduction and management of risk reduction for the provision of information is divided into three main categories, which are then used?

a) Preventive, corrective and administrative.

b) Detective, corrective and physical.

c) Physical, technical and administrative

d) Administrative, operational and logical.

e) None

Q) Which of the following would be most appropriate to oversee the development of an information security policy?

a) system administrators

b) end users

c) guardian

d) Security ~~ POS = Trunc administrators ~~ POS = HEAD COMP

e) None

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