[100% off] Citrix 1Y0-A05 Implementing XenApp 5.0 Windows Server Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) What Citrix Service does not provide a web interface to the user’s login information?


b) Independent Management Architecture

c) WMI

d) XML

e) None

Q) What are the three supported database platforms can be used to host the data warehouse Citrix?

a) oracle

b) Sybase

c) MySQL

d) access

e) IBM DB2

Q) Scenario: Users report that the security of the session does not work. No other issues reported in Citrix XenApp farm. As the administrator of the Citrix server will need to check to fix this problem?

a) XML

b) WMI

c) HTA server

d) Independent Management Architecture

e) None

Q) In which the CPU usage is determined by two levels?

a) zone

b) until

c) politics

d) server

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