[100% off] Citrix 1Y0-A22 XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Administrators should also review the data store in the XenApp farm. The administrator must use the command with DSCHECK / Clear settings after _______.

a) Restoring data storage

b) backing storage

c) XenApp server restart

d) restart the IMA service on the data collector

e) None

Q) XenApp administrator plans to use the Citrix NetScaler, to balance the load on the server Web Interface. What settings persistence must be an administrator to choose the right high-availability configuration for the web interface?



c) SourceIP


e) None

XenApp Administrator has been tasked to provide authentication, two factor on the Web Interface server. What are three types of authentication are two factors, which are supported by Web Interface server in the Citrix default?

a) Radius

b) Authenex

c) coded

d) SecureStar

e) RSA Secure ID

Q) What services have Citrix administrator to control when troubleshooting with Session Reliability?

a) IMA

b) XML

c) XTE


e) None

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