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Sample Questions

Q) A user just bought an Android tablet and want to connect to their e-mail job. The ds employer has a Microsoft Exchange server for email. Which of the following would be the technical configure to allow the user to access email on an Android tablet?




d) Devices are incompatible

Q) Which of the following would be a technical user to install applications on an iPad? (Select two).

a) App Store

b) Market Place iTunes

c) Exchange

d) mobile market

Q) Which of the following methods for mobile devices synchronization is easier for the end user, but it requires more than the part of the technical configuration?

a) Dock Sync

b) Synchronization via encrypted cable

c) wireless sync

d) Cable Sync

Q) A user realizes that they left their mobile phone in a taxi minutes after the car departs. Which of the following should be done to ensure the best any of the private data on the phone leads?

a) Barring code

b) GPS tracking

c) Remote Backup

d) Remote Wipe

Q) A user is interested in an issue with iOS. The most likely user has which of the following devices?

a) iCloud

b) Android Phone

c) i phone

d) Windows Tablet

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