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Sample Questions

Q) One user reported that their computer is running significantly slower after visiting the website. The user’s computer has a current anti-virus package that runs properly. Which of the following techniques should do first to diagnose the problem?

a) Clear your browser history.

b) Run anti-spyware tool.

c) Defragment the user’s hard drive.

d) Run the utility CHKDSK.

e) None

Q) Which of the following protocols will be techniques used to execute commands on a remote computer?


b) FTP



e) None

Q) Which of the following groups should be added the ability to restore files without providing any owner privileges?

a) Remote Desktop Users

b) force ~~ POS = Trunc Members

c) Administrators

d) backup

e) None

Q) The client wants to change the file system on a Windows 2000 computer from FAT32 to NTFS without destroying data. Which of the following is correct?

a) From the command line, run XCOPY * * C / M

b) From the command line, run FORMAT C: / FS: NTFS

c) From the command line, run XCOPY * * C / Y

d) From the command line, run CONVERT C: / FS: NTFS

e) None

Q) Inkjet printer has a bad color registration. Which of the following should be done first to solve this problem? a) To clean the printhead.

b) Replace the toner.

c) Calibration device.

d) Replacing the drum unit.

e) None

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