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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following network devices use ACLs to prevent unauthorized access into company systems?

a) IDS

b) Firewall

c) Content filter

d) Load balancer

Q) Which of the following is used to define how much bandwidth can be used by various protocols on the network?

a) Traffic shaping

b) High availability

c) Load balancing

d) Fault tolerance

Q) Which of the following is used to authenticate remote workers who connect from offsite? (Select TWO).


b) VTP trunking

c) Virtual PBX


e) 802.1x

Q) Which of the following provides accounting, authorization, and authentication via a centralized privileged database, as well as, challenge/response and password encryption?

a) Multifactorauthentication



d) Network access control

Q) A technician needs to set aside addresses in a DHCP pool so that certain servers always receive the same address. Which of the following should be configured?

a) Leases

b) Helper addresses

c) Scopes

d) Reservations

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