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Sample Questions:

Which of the following vectors is the role of account for the collection of data on risk and articulating risk?

Committee of entrepreneurial risk

Owner of the business processes

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Risk Manager (CRO)


Which of the following is not true for effective risk communication?

Risk information must be known and understood by all stakeholders.

The use of technical terms of risk

Each risk communication must be relevant

For every risk, there are critical moments of its origin and its consequence business potential


Which of the following interpersonal skills has been identified as one of the main reasons for the success or failure of the project?


to influence


Political and cultural awareness


You are the project of GHY project manager for the organization. He is working with the project team to start identifying risks for the project. As part of your preparation for the identification of risks in the project it is necessary to eleven input to the process. Which of the following is not an input to the risk identification process?

quality management plan

register stakeholder

the cost management plan

plan for managing supplies


Which of the following come under the phases of risk identification and assessment? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.

Maintaining a low risk profile

data Collection

Risk Analysis

The application of controls

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