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Course Instructor: Hotel Management School Your learning Partner, Manish Gupta

Language: English


Customers are important for the business. In current times businesses need to spend time and effort in enhancing the customer experience with the business which can lead to better customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty leads to better profitability since It is cheaper to sell existing customers compare to finding new customers.

In order to enhance customer experience with the business, we need to map their touchpoints with business related to

  1. Discovery stage (before sale/booking)

  2. Booking Stage or inquiry stage

  3. Service delivery stage (arrival to the hotel stage and inhouse experience)

  4. Check out the experience and billing stage.

  5. Post sale experience i.e post departure experience,

In this course, we will explain the customer journey map with reference to the hotel. Though its very specific to the hotel, any industry can get benefitted from this as principals and processes remain the same.

The course is delivered by Mr. Sanjeev Nayar who is an expert in hospitality. he has led a hotel chain in India and has over 35 years of experience.

Who this course is for:

  • front office associates
  • food and beverage department
  • hotel management students
  • hotel managers
  • hotel owners

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