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Course Instructor: Jouni Ruotanen

Language: English


Currently organizations face a problem in evolving new Cyber Security threats which can relate to trust, ransomware, insiders, AI attacks and Bring Your Own Device issues. This course will introduce a new solution to build up Cyber Immunity, not only tackle known issues.

It can cause a huge issue in an organization which is under attack. Legacy solutions may recognize the issue, but not solve it proactively. Cyber Immunity means a system which can recognize the threat and also respond immediately or at least alert security officer.

These system are build up with Artificial Intelligence (AI), or more likely with Machine Learning (ML). The important part is not to build totally new system, but also rely on existing security measures together.

Recently most common issues in cyber security are related to Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP) and Zero-day exploits. ATP refers to cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage. There can be commercial groups doing them, but because most likely there will be spying or destroying as a target several governments have ordered them. Zero-day exploits are difficult to manage since developer may have left backdoor in purpose to offer later patch fixes or have a workaround until issues are solve. This needs Cyber Immunity, systems that can know what’s correct, normal usage and not cause a threat to organizations.

Furthermore, IoT and cloud infrastructures need better cyber security, transition to Cyber Immunity. We have three kinds of threats that need to be prevented. Attacks by cyber criminals, typically related to blackmailing or stealing data among others. Attacks by hacktivists like Anonymous group which have political agenda and can cause a lot of harm to governments or even enterprises. Attacks by commercial groups which are related to cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage. All these crimes should cost more to execute than the harm which they will cause to organization.

Start your next generation IT security era by learning in this course what Cyber Immunity means and what kind of threats it can offer solution. Let’s start the journey!

Who this course is for:

  • IT security officers
  • IT managers
  • Cyber security professionals

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