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Sample Questions

Q) In which cloud deployment model would see an organization operating expenses grow in proportion to investments?

a) On-premise private cloud

b) Outside Private Cloud

c) Public cloud

d) hybrid cloud

Q) What is the cloud service model offered by EMC Mozy?

a) Software as a service

b) Platform-as-a-Service

c) Infrastructure-as-a-Service

d) Virtualization-as-a-Service

Q) As an organization uses more resources by cloud service providers, that would be expected of the organization expenses grow bigger? a) Power and energy

b) Management

c) Infrastructure

d) operating

Q) What best describes the feature “measured service” cloud computing?

a) Consumers are billed based on usage of resources.

b) The services are allocated according to their request

c) Measuring services are created when required by the resource pool.

d) metering service can scale up and down based on usage of resources.

Q) Which Cloud service model allows the user to run any operating system and application?

a) Platform-as-a-Service

b) Infrastructure-as-a-Service

c) Software as a service

d) IT-as-a-Service

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