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Sample Questions

Q) What is the most important design consideration for sizing the disk capacity requirements?

a) Quantity available cache

b) The disk space required by the application

c) IOPS required by the application

d) remote replication requirements

Q) Which risk poses the biggest threat to the realization of the storage infrastructure?

a) The lack of vendor support for the implementation

b) No security policy for remote support procedures

c) No standardized tools, models and methodologies

d) The new application does not provide the intended functionality

Q) That ensures that the storage service exceptions are identified, monitored and resolved process?

a) Availability Management

b) Capacity management

c) Configuration Management

d) Incident management

Q) What storage software stack addresses high availability functionality and continuous operation requirements of a storage network environment?

a) interoperability of heterogeneous devices

b) intelligent caching

c) Real-time replication

d) None

Q) What it is classified as an external application on the network?

a) shared application on a shared server and used by a group of developers working on an animation project to launch a global project

b) An online ticket booking system put in place by a transport company that allows customers to purchase tickets

c) An application workflow deployed by multinational organization to authorize purchases made in its subsidiaries worldwide

d) real-time replication of an ERP database in another country (3,000 km) to mitigate sovereign risk

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