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[100% off] ECCouncil ECSS Certified Security Specialist Practice Exam


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Course Instructor: Mind Link Technology

Language: English


Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following security protocols are based on the 802.11i standard? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

a) WEP

b) WPA2

c) WPA   

d) WEP2

Q) Which of the following OSI layers is responsible for protocol conversion, data encryption/decryption, and data compression?

a) Transport layer

b) Presentation layer

c) Data-link layer

d) Network layer

Q) You are responsible for security at a company that uses a lot of Web applications. You are most concerned about flaws in those applications allowing some attacker to get into your network. What method would be best for finding such flaws?

a) Vulnerability scanning

b) Manual penetration testing

c) Automated penetration testing

d) Code review

Q) Which of the following representatives of incident response team takes forensic backups of the systems that are the focus of the incident?

a) Lead investigator

b) Information security representative

c) Technical representative

d) Legal representative

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to get knowledge on Certification & Check your Skill Test while attend this Practice Test

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