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[100% off] Excel Conditional Formatting from Basics to Formulas- SMASH!


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Course Instructor: João Appleton Ribeiro

Language: English


This course is about automatically formatting your Data with Colors, Icons, Bars (and more) using the Conditional Formatting feature of Excel.
The student will learn Conditional Formatting from the very basics to formula use within the tool. Most of the topics on conditional formatting are covered: basic formatting (Equal, Greater than, Smaller than etc.), formatting with text, etc. We also cover Data Bars, Icon Sets and Color Scales. Finally a good portion of the course is dedicated to formula use within the conditional formatting.

Who this course is for:

  • People Learning Excel
  • People who want to learn Excel Conditional Formatting
  • Advanced users who might need to do a review and go back to the basics on excel conditional formatting
  • Beginners to Intermediate Users who want to develop their excel skills
  • People learning Microsft Office tools (Word, access etc.) that want to fill their knowledge gap with excel
  • Highschool, College Students Needing Excel for their Academic Works
  • Controllers that work with excel, power bi python and so on that will find conditional formatting very useful for developing their controls and alerts to the next level
  • Working Professionals in general as excel is needed in most professions (Accountants, Controllers, Engineers, Architects, Analysts, Managers, Human Resources Managers, Teachers, Professors etc.)

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