[100% off] Getting Your Dua Accepted – How Allah will Accept your Dua

Course Instructor: Syed Haider Noor Bukhari

Language: English


After taking this course, you will be able to see the real prospective of dua and also you will be able to increase chances of your dua being accepted. You will learn 26 times when you can make dua and get your duas accepted. You will learn 7 things that you need to avoid to get your duas accepted by Allah SWT. You will learn the reasons why your duas are not accepted sometimes. You will also learn the importance of dua in our religion and how it can shape your life.

What you should expect from the Course:

  • Introduction to Dua – Understanding the key concepts of Dua.

  • Learning the Types of Dua.

  • Difference between Accepted and Answered Dua.

  • Learning 7 Causes of Rejection of Dua -What not to do while making dua?

  • Learning 26 Times of accepted Dua – Times you should not miss out.

  • Secret Ingredient of Dua being accepted – When you badly want something.

  • Connection of Asking Forgiveness (ASTAGHFAR) with Dua.

  • Great stories related to the Dua – That you should never forget.

  • Persisting in your Duas.

  • What I call a “Win Win Situation” for a Believer.

  • Why you should make dua when your destiny (Qadr) is already written?

  • Why Allah does not Accept the Dua sometimes and how to make sure that he accepts your duas.

Remember that:

There is nothing big or small for Allah SWT, whatever you want, just ask him.

ENROLL NOW in this course and increase your chances of duas being accepted by Allah SWT.

Who this course is for:

  • Any Muslim or non Muslim can learn from this course.

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