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[100% off] How to mine crypto on own in cheap way


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Course Instructor: Prashanth Ravichandran

Language: English


CPU Mining | Mine SUGAR on VPS | Linux commands

This course is very easy and this course designed in way that complete beginners can understand.

Sugarchain is a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency and payment network supported by an open-source blockchain protocol, launched by Zenny Kim and Volodymyr Biloshytskyi on August 24, 2019. Through Sugarchain, users can make payments to anyone in the world at the highest speeds in 5 seconds, and the lowest costs compared to other digital assets. For example, the transaction speed of Sugarchain is 120 times faster than Bitcoin, 30 times faster than Litecoin and 12 times faster than Dogecoin.

Sugarchain Crypto is the fastest blockchain in the world! It is also the easiest to mine using CPU hardware. It’s like when Crypto was first introduced and easy to mine. Don’t miss this opportunity to start mining a possible Future Top 10 crypto.

1. Basics of cryptomining and pool

2. Basic Linux commands

3. I will teach you how to create sugar cryptocurrency wallet.

4. I will teach you how to obtain free VPS.

5. I will teach you how to start mining for free.

6. I will teach you how to check performance of our mining in easy way.

7. I will teach you where to exchange our SUGAR cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrency.

Who this course is for:

  • Crypto mining for Beginners
  • Who wants to start mining
  • Earn crypto easily for free

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