[100% off] Hyperion Ess base 4H0-002 5 Certification Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) What is the most effective tool for development using rapid development of formatted reports without coding?

a) Application Object Essbase

b) Basic Spreadsheet add-in template files

c) Essbase Web Gateway shared on an internal network

d) Basic Spreadsheet add-in template files and advanced spreadsheet macros

e) None

Q) Given that the product and marketing are only a few dimensions of which file (s) will be restructured in the new member has been added to the size of the product?

a) no

b) data files only

c) only index files

d) Both the index and data files

e) None

Q) If the average density of the block is between 10% to 90%, and there are several duplicate successive values ​​of a € <a € <or zeros, what type of data compression is recommended?

a) RLE

b) bitmap

c) no compression

d) None of them

Q) When advised to turn off data compression?

a) when the average density of the unit is very low (<3%).

b) when the average density of the unit is very high (> 95%) and there are several consecutive duplicate values. c) When the database contains many consecutive zeros or other repeating values ​​in the row.

d) None of them

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