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[100% off] Idiom Stories V1-HSK 4-HSK 6 Intermediate Chinese Reading


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Course Instructor: David Yao

Language: English


Idiom Stories V1-HSK 4-HSK 6 Intermediate Chinese Reading — Enrich your Language using ​Chinese Idiom (proverb or set phrase) for HSK 4- HSK 6 ​ -VOLUME 1 中级汉语阅读 – 成语故事 Story 01-25

Chinese Idiom (proverb or set phrase) is the long-established, concise, stereotyped phrase or phrase that people have used. Most of the Chinese idioms consist of four characters and they all have their origins. Some idioms are not difficult to understand in literal terms, such as “小题大做 Literally meaning is: small problem big do; which means: fuss of a trifle”  Some idioms must know the sources or allusions to understand their meanings, such as the “朝三暮四  Literally meaning is ” Morning three night four”, What is the real meaning? Let’s we continue our journey.

A Chinese idiom story will not only tell you the meaning of a phrase, but also help you learn more about ancient Chinese culture. This course is perfect for intermediate level learners to peek into Chinese culture, thought and history, in addition to improving language.

The whole set of Chinese Culture Stories includes around 1000 articles, dividing into


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want learn or improve your Chinese.
  • Who is reaching HSK 4 – HSK 6

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