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[100% off] Internet : An Amazing Communication Technology in Your Life


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Course Instructor: Vijay Kumar Yadav

Language: English


On a given day, people around the world use Internet services:

Parents use a laptop computer to view the weather where their child lives, and are relieved to see the storm has passed. A family on vacation in Switzerland uses a smart phone to contact their home security system and see views of the interior of their home. Two friends keep in touch by posting a log of their activities for each other to view on a social media site. A group of company executives holds a meeting. Each sits in front of a computer that has a camera and microphone, and they see video of one another on their screens and hear each other’s voices. A company runs a computer program at the close of business each day that sends encrypted copies of the daily activity to multiple storage locations. A group of friends are on a road trip when bad weather closes the road. They use a smart phone to find a hotel room, and then use a map program on their smart phone to navigate to the hotel. An author finishes writing a short story, and publishes the story on a web site; readers around the world download a copy. Etc. The Internet is an amazing place.

In this practice test, the Internet : An Amazing Communication Technology in Your Life, you see – History of the Internet, What is the Internet ?, WAN, LAN, Wireless LAN (WLAN), TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6, Routers, ISP, FTP, World Wide Web (WWW), URL and Browser. You will find the 70 Questions (multiple choice questions, 50 minutes, 35+35 questions 25+25. minutes). You can make your notes of all questions and you can find the excellent knowledge (answer available of all questions).

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