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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following is not a sub-process of Service Portfolio Management?

a) Service Portfolio update

b) Business Planning Data

c) Strategic planning


Q) Mary is the business analyst for the organization. She wonders what the purpose of the gaps in job skills assessment. Which of the following is the best answer to give to Mary?

a) It identifies the causal factors that contribute to a solution will solve effect.

b) It identifies the new skills required by the organization to meet business needs.

c) It describes the end that the organization wants to improve.

d) It identifies skills gaps in existing resources.

Q) Which of the following are the roles of a chief executive in the resource management framework? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

a) Organize and facilitate strategic IT implementations

b) Establishment of business priorities and resource allocation for IT performance

c) Monitor the aggregate IT financing

d) Capitalizing on knowledge and information

Q) Which of the following types of risks include currency risk, liquidity risk, and technological obsolescence?

a) Asset risk

b) operational risk

c) safety hazard

d) Strategic risk

Q) Which of the following is a process that occurs as a result of mergers, outsourcing or changing business needs?

a) involuntary retirement

b) lock system

c) involuntary exit

d) Outplacement

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