[100% off] Japanese language course for beginners based on MISJ

Course Instructor: Iwasaki Mikiko, Mikiko 美紀子 Iwasaki 岩崎

Language: English


First five lessons of the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM.
Pronunciation, writing and reading of basic characters, how to make NOUN-based sentences, and how to ask and answer questions using these sentences. Conversational topics include: greetings, self-introductions, finding locations, asking for personal information such as names, home countries, occupations, ages, and telephone numbers, talking about family, ordering things, and shopping.

Who this course is for:

  • The WELCOME PROGRAM is suitable for beginners who want to make a good start of learning Japanese.
  • It is also suitable for those who already have studied Japanese and gave up learning or need better and more precise explanations about Japanese grammar concerning how to use NOUNS. If you are confident in pronunciation and character reading and writing, please skip that part.
  • It is suitable for anybody who wants to achieve creative speech and writing ability that reflects intelligence.

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